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How does Internet + thinking power the healthy development of textile enterprises?

As the name suggests, textile enterprises refer to a kind of manual industry enterprises serving human wearing. They spin yarn and weave cloth, make clothes, cover the ugly and act the role of the beautiful, keep out the cold and the wind, prevent insects and protect the body.

In recent years, the textile market has been impacted to a certain extent, but the rigid demand of high-end customized textile market is growing steadily, and the high-end customized textile industry also shows a dynamic development trend, which promotes the recovery of the entire textile industry. The online trading volume of the online textile city exceeded 17.5 billion yuan in 2015, and it is expected to reach 40 billion yuan by 2017.

Although the textile industry is developing well at present, qian tangping, a world-renowned e-commerce promotion expert (note: qian tangping, a well-known e-commerce expert, has successfully incubated numerous well-known brands at home and abroad and has many years of rich experience). Previously in an interview, said that there are great differences between the textile enterprises and high-end customized textiles, these differences are both the advantages of high-end customized textiles, but also the challenge of high-end customized textiles. At present, the compliance of textile industry still needs to be improved. On the one hand, the compliance of product quality should be improved; on the other hand, the compliance of human production should be improved.

Challenges and opportunities coexist. How to break the traditional pattern of the textile industry to highlight the encirclement has become an urgent problem for many textile industries.

How to use Internet thinking to solve many problems facing textile enterprises? Qian tangping, an expert, believes that the textile industry can develop healthily under the sunshine by integrating the supply chain and forming a mode of centralized order, diversified procurement and key distribution.

Qian tangping believes that in the past, the Internet cost of traditional textile enterprises was relatively high, while small and medium-sized textile enterprises may face the cost of not being able to find a cheap and high-quality network platform and network transportation. The third party hosting network promotion model can be said to be a direction of future development, through the online one-stop cooperation model, can get through all links of the supply chain, not only reduce the personnel management costs of textile enterprises, but also on the quality of products can be checked and controlled.

Affected by the rapid development of the Internet, traditional industries are now facing many impacts, especially the textile industry. One-stop cooperation, an innovative mode of Internet thinking, can be said to broaden the thinking of the traditional textile industry to meet the "Internet +" development opportunities and open a new path. (source: China textile network)