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Clothing material turnover in the concussion small increment

Recently, China light textile city days long fiber lining, pouches cloth trading volume in the volatile than previous still modest increments, with polyester taffeta, light spinning (emulation silk) for the leading product of filament woven lining and polyester fibers, DTY polyester FDY such kind of spring summer and spinning, silk pouches cloth for the leading product, clinch a deal shorter than previous up slightly in shock. But the overall market turnover is still limited, due to the lack of demand, lining cloth, waist cloth volume is difficult to climb a large volume.

In the recent market, the volume of long fiber lining cloth and waist bag cloth has been slightly higher than that in the early period. The long fiber woven lining cloth with polyester taffeta and light spinning (silk imitation) as the leading products and the waist bag cloth with FDY and DTY spring Asia spinning and summer spinning as the leading products have become one of the highlights of the marketing.

In recent days, the material of the main varieties of local relatively best-selling, 63DFDY 63DFDY 170T polyester Taft, 63DFDY 63DFDY, 190T polyester Taft, 63DFDY 63DFDY, 210T polyester Taft, 50D light FDY 50D light FDY, 210T light spinning (silk imitation), 75D light FDY 100DDTY, 9 reed 25 shuttle five shuttle satin, 75D light FDY 100DDTY, 11 reed 30 shuttle five shuttle satin, 75 d has a light polyester FDY such x 100 ddty, 11 reed and shuttle eight satin shuttle, a light polyester FDY such 75 d * 100 ddty, water 12 reed 30 shuttle eight satin, 68 dfdy x 75 ddty, 35 shuttle 19 reed, 240 t hydraulic comfortable beautiful satin, 50 d a light polyester FDY such x 75 ddty, 17 reed 5 wear shuttle water color, 36, 68 d * 68 d polyester FDY such light half light, 17 reed 34 spindle spray polyester FDY such beautiful silk fabric such as local varieties are relatively popular, some clothing production enterprise purchasers, foreign trade company purchaser for quality in a more reliable material variety batch orders, Part of the large-scale operation of retail phase to go smooth, to the present expected volume in the concussion was slightly higher than the early trend, the price trend is basically stable. The spot listing of lining finished products is still relatively abundant. With the slight increase of sales volume, the inventory of upper grey cloth of some small and medium-sized businesses has been slightly reduced, but the inventory of large-scale retail stores is still large. With polyester DTY black jacquard class material locality is also relatively more dynamic pin, the price trend is basically stable. T/C polyester cotton series lining transaction price is relatively stable, sales are still inadequate. Other such as cationic yarn-dyed strips, cationic corrugated strips, rayon shu mei silk, rayon beautiful silk, rayon plain silk, rayon twill silk, acetate silk, spring satin, matte color ding, jin li satin, yarns lining and jacquard lining sales also shows the trend of sales. Nylon spinning lining part also has a certain sales volume, due to the impact of upstream nylon silk price decline, the actual transaction price was a small decline trend. Some for autumn with a suit, coat, leisure jacket, jacket in the material requirements are now pushing up slightly, but more is given priority to with scale business outlets and old customers to order sent, some have a counterpart in the old customer marketing network scale business outlets spot subscribe and send a series active orders, but some of the small enterprises because of counterpart old customer marketing network and sales is still a bit limited. Mainly used for casual wear, sportswear lining fabric knitted tricot mesh lining market volume rose slightly.

Recently, the market, spring Asia spinning, summer spinning fabric and other waist bags with FDY, DTY as the main raw materials, the spot listing is still relatively abundant, local business outlets spot subscription and order sending is still active trend.